Enact Tracks is Back!

After a camera mishap in England, Enact Tracks is Back in Action. Canon fixed my lens under warenty, and the pictures are as amazing as ever. Currently Rocking Out in Vancouver, enjoying WiFi (Beer) at a bar. Heading to Portland Sunday, see y'all soon.

Hey Gang

I finally revisited Parc Güell on Wednesday.  Some great architecture there.

My cousin Eric arrived Barcelona Thursday, he's been traveling Italy the past month and decided to cross the Mediterranean and visit Barcelona. Wednesday the 22nd I fly to London, and am staying in a shared house for a week. I just connected with my British cousin who is about a year younger than me, haven't seen him since the family reunion in 1998. I have a Rancid show in Newcastle on November 1st, my tentative plan is to split the time after London between Cambridge and Newcastle, though I'm still playing that leg of my journey by ear. From Newcastle I take an overnight ferry (it's actually a cruise ship) to Amsterdam, and then fly stateside 2 days later.

Site Upgrade

{ New Content Tomorrow }

Two big new features.  The search bar at the top is now functional, and so is the calendar.  Highlighted days have content.  Getting late over here in Barcelona, about to wrap up for the night.  Hope everyone is doing well.

Introducing Tracks

{ Version 0.23 }

It's time for me to step out for dinner, even though you're currently at lunch.  It's due to the sun hitting the Earth as it rotates, check Wikipedia.  Brand new option, check out the Tracks section at the top to learn all about the European Adventure to date.